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The PolicyGuru Database and Capitol Enquiry’s advocacy and campaign work at the local level across California.

Advance Filtering

Looking for a particular city or cities? Type the name of one or more cities in the first field of the main search page. Please note, to prevent misspellings from throwing off results, the tool will suggest the city name as you type, you must then select it (rather than just hitting return).

PolicyGuru also develops voting profiles of every city in the state, extrapolating voter registration trends and past election results into a city-by-city analysis of the political geography of California.

Electoral Histories

We are the leading local government outreach firm in California. With over 20 years of combined experience working city and county issues throughout California, GrassrootsLab principles have written “the book” on local government in this state.

Several existing publications currently provide annual rosters of local government officials, some with topline city information “at-a-glance.” PolicyGuru carries these basic documents to a new level – providing in-depth, searchable and indexed profiles of elected officials, including political party designations, professions and key affiliations.

Advanced Filtering

Looking for Republicans in AD 60? Democrats who are also attorneys in Orange County? We’ve got all that. Use the filters on the main search page and hit ‘Go’ when you’re ready. The options demonstrated at left will yield Latino Democrats in LA County. Please watch for the ‘City/County’ tab just above the Go button. By default, you will get both city and county officials, but you can select one or the other.

Bringing it all together

PolicyGuru is an essential tool for organizations and campaigns advocating and coalition-building at the local level. No other single publication collates key indicators of city voting behaviors and profiles of local leaders – Indeed, much of the data provided in PolicyGuru simply does not exist anywhere else.

platform overview
platform overview

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